Deo Volente

Dave & Victoria Yeomans

Music for Folk Dances and Workshops

Deo Volente are an accordion and flute duo based in Nottingham and formed in 2006. Dave and Victoria are experienced folk dance musicians and have become familiar faces locally and well-known on the national dance scene. They have performed at festivals and weekends including Morland, Southam, Casterton, Lichfield, Eastbourne and Chippenham.

They particularly enjoy playing for Playford and Playford-style dances the way the beautiful tunes match with the dance moves makes for memorable combinations and magical moments. However, they are also to be found playing for other genres within the repertoire.

Dave and Victoria are both keen dancers so look out for them on the dance floor when they are not performing!

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Deo Volente
Victoria is also a caller!

Deo volente: the meaning