Victoria - the caller!

Why not ask Victoria to call for your club night, Saturday evening or festival?

Having been a dancer all her life, Victoria began calling at an advanced dancersí workshop organised by local friends. She is one of the regular callers at Nottingham Folk Dance Group and regularly calls club nights at other local clubs as well as a smattering of local barn dances.

Victoria now calls at weekends, festivals and Saturday night dances. To date weekends and festivals have included Stonesfield, Morland, Cober Hill, Leicestershire Districtís weekend at Symondsí Yat, Maggot Pie weekend at Ripon, Ingestre Playford Ball, Purbeck, Southam and Chippenham.

Victoria calls a varied repertoire from across the common genres from Playford to American contras and squares, generally doing a mixed programme for an evening dance. She enjoys teaching workshops on a variety of themes. She says "my focus is always about getting the dancers to dance better and to dance with the music. I am firmly of the view that we enjoy dancing more when we dance well."

Dancers report that Victoria's calling is clear, concise and good humoured!

Although she has a preference for folk dances and workshops, Victoria is quite happy to call at other types of events - whether it be a folk evening with the Over 50s or a ceilidh dance for the under 25s!

[Please don't ask Victoria to call and Deo Volente to play for the same evening dance! Victoria finds it a little bit difficult to play the flute and call at the same time!]

Victoria - the caller